Company Philosophy

「CTRL MEDIA LIMITED」is one of the leading agency in Hong
Kong that provides marketing strategy and promotion planning for games. We serve with professional and reliable attitude to our clients who wish to promote their game products in HK and Macao. We aim to maximize the benefits on operation and publicity of the products while the clients do not have to go through any complicated processes.

「Creative」and「Localization」are the core values of our company. Every plan are designed for the product according to their unique specialty and the vibe of local market.


CTRL MEDIA established at 2014 by a group of lively young people. Our business covers planning, marketing, operations, customer service, design, tailoring, photography, woodworking, catering, etc… We provide one-stop service that is ‘value for money’

Data reference @ 2014-2019

  • Promoted more than 200 products,ranked #1 in the industry.

  • More than 50 products have been ranked #1 in grossing and popularity.

  • Exclusively cooperated with more than 30 Key Opinion Leader.

  • Imported more than 12,000,000 core users.

  • Accumulated more than USD 200,000,000 income for clients.

Our Team

Our team is formed by a number of senior members in the industry who has extensive experience in game operations in different professional scope, including pre- and post- marketing operations, promotion planning, event/competition execution, art design, costume/props production, video production, dubbing, etc… We provide the most comprehensive services with our strong and professional team.